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Success Stories

As you can see from our patients’ comments, The Hand and Upper Body Rehabilitation Center is more than just another therapy facility. We are your partner in recovery – by your side to give you a “Hand Up In Healing!”

“I want to personally thank Dr. Monaco, Dr. Yakish and the therapists at Hand and Upper Body Rehabilitation Center for their attention and the quality of care that they gave me after I unfortunately broke my wrist. With their kindness, I am able to continue my daily work. Thanks so much.”

Ellen K. (Wrist Fracture) - Erie Times News Editorial

“I experienced a tremendous amount of success at the Hand and Upper Body Rehabilitation Center! The therapists are truly devoted to helping their clients get better. The staff is extremely friendly and always greeted me with smiling faces. There is definitely no better place to receive physical therapy.”

Kristin L. (Elbow Ligament Tear)

“I had two surgeries on my left elbow. My therapist worked with my arm to heal, build and strengthen it, always giving me tips on things I could do to help it along, and also what not to do. If you have questions, they have the answers or they get them. They also know when they have done all they can for you so you are not coming back needlessly. They all treat you with so much kindness and respect – You become part of an extended family.”

Carolyn H. (Non-Union of Elbow Fracture)

“Megan is the very best. The splints she made for me on two occasions fit perfectly and helped so much. I am so grateful for her excellent care.”

Dorothy M. (Stage 4 Basal Joint Arthritis)

“The care and treatment was outstanding. No therapy sessions were rushed and they could always work around my schedule.”

Ray J. (Wrist Fracture)

“I have been to the Hand and Upper Body Rehabilitation Center for my neck, back and hands. Many times I went for help because I was in so much pain. They helped me so much, they were always there for me.”

Betty S. (Trigger Finger, Small Finger Fracture, Cubital Tunnel, Basal Joint Arthritis)

“I am very happy to have been able to come here. The therapists are understanding and caring. They have all helped me in my healing process.”

Amy G. (Flexor Tendon Rupture of Hand)

“After hearing horror stories about the many months of long and painful recovery from rotator cuff surgery, I did not look forward to my shoulder surgery. However, I did my rehab at the Hand and Upper Body Rehabilitation Center. I found that due to the staff’s combination of professionalism and TLC, my recovery was much shorter and less painful than I expected. I could write pages about the great job you do there.”

Adriana H. (Rotator Cuff Repair)

“I have been very happy with the progress I’ve achieved through the help of my experienced therapist Lynn. From the front office to the other therapists, they have always been friendly, helpful, compassionate and earnest with me. I have appreciated the excellent treatment and encouragement I have received – they made the difference in the stress I encountered with almost losing my hand. I couldn’t be happier with everyone here.”

Diane D. (Hand Vasculitis, Scleroderma)

“In August of 2006 I had a motor vehicle accident, seriously injuring my left arm, hand and fingers. The therapists spent five months working with my arm to get back the use of my extremity. It worked! They pushed me hard and I worked on what they said. My experience in treatment at the Hand and Upper Body Rehabilitation Center is one of gratefulness and gratitude, for what I gained back during and after therapy I owe to them.”

Dave M. (Crush Injury of Arm)